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MARS Advanced Rocketry Society (MARS)
- Admittedly, I'm biased, but in my opinion, currently the leading UK contender for putting an amateur rocket into space based on experience of the team, and previous achievements (first amateur hybrid rocket launched in the UK, current highest verified altitude acheived by a UK rocket).

United Kingdom Rocketry Association (UKRA)
- UKRA is the body which oversees High Power and Amateur rocketry in the UK. It is open to both individuals and to groups and societies who wish to affiliate to it (all of the serious UK rocketry groups are affiliated to UKRA).

Sheffield Rocketry Association (SRA)
- MARS's main rival in the altitude stakes. We are engaged in friendly competition with the SRA, so friendly in fact, that we even lend each other equipment for various launches ! We can't let the SRA beat MARS, otherwise we'll be buying them beer for evermore !

- Thrust is a midlands based group, which actually launches from the Garlands Shooting Range, near Edingale in Staffordshire. Invariably well attended by both UKRA and non UKRA members alike, it is normally a source of many decent high power rocketry flights, with flights on motors up to K-class possible from the site.

STAAR Research
- One of the longest established of the current UK rocketry groups, STAAR Research organises the superlative annual International Rocket Weekend, at the end of August each year, at Kelburn Country Centre just outside Largs in Scotland. STAAR Research have carried out extensive flight testing and research since the late 1980's into a hypersonic aircraft that holds promise as a spaceplane. This is the "waverider" concept.

- Based in Scotland, ScotRoc help organise the International Rocket Weekend with STAAR Research.

- A popular model rocketry club which has gone from strength to strength over the years.

- One of the longest established model rocketry clubs in the UK, SERFS organises popular rocketry events, which (last time I checked) are held in Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire.

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