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R-DAS (Rocket Data Acquisition System) Flight Computer

The R-DAS flight computer, manufactured by Advanced Electronic Devices (AED) of the Netherlands, is undoubtedly the most sophisticated piece of avionics on the market used by non-professional rocketeers. Not only is it a full blown recording altimeter/accelerometer, which beeps and flashes out the altitude after the flight, but it also includes 6 analogue inputs, 4 digital inputs, data logging at 200 Hz per channel, configurable main parachute deployment altitude (not restricted to a minimum height), and is expandable with output boards for controlling up to 10 output events, as well as real time telemetry via a plug-in telemetry unit, and can be fitted with a GPS module via its expansion slot. The R-DAS is quite simply, head and shoulders above all the other avionics systems on the market.

The following links provide more information on the R-DAS, as well as rocketeers who have experience of using the R-DAS:

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