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Onboard Video Camera

Like a number of others in the British Rocketry Community, I am keen on flying onboard video cameras. The system I am working on uses a small CCD video camera ripped out of a toy video camera, and hooked up to the recording system.

The footage from the onboard video camera can be connected to a video recorder back on the ground (to record the footage), and a TV monitor to view the video footage. The video can then be connected to a computer so that individual video frames can be framegrabbed, allowing image analysis.

Note - It is against the law to transmit video signals in the U.K without the appropriate licence and permission. This web page does not in any way condone activities of this nature without such a licence.

Unfortunately, the actions of a rather childish member of the UK rocketry community, who was jealous of the fact that others were capable of building and flying onboard video cameras and telemetry, whilst they were too stupid to be able to do it themselves, have ensured that onboard video cameras and real time telemetry are extremely restricted in the U.K.

Onboard Colour CCD Video Camera Information

Resolution : I'll dig this up ...I know it's better than VHS video resolution
Mass : I'll dig this one up too, but its very lightweight
Power : 12 Volts

CCD Colour video cameras are available in the U.K. from Maplin Electronics, RS and Farnell. All three do a whole range of other CCD video cameras (mainly black and white).

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