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G-Whiz LC Deluxe Altimeter/Accelerometer

The G-Whiz LC Deluxe is currently the smallest altimeter/accelerometer commercially available, capable of fitting in airframe diameters as small as 24mm (or even smaller diameters if the mounting pillars are removed). It is very simple to use, literally plug the 9 Volt PP3 battery in and go. The G-Whiz can even have a second battery wired in just for ejection charge firing. It records peak barometric altitude only, rather than data over the whole flight, and then outputs the peak altitude in a series of flashes from an onboard LED. Very simple, but very effective.

Pressure Sensor Motorola MPX 4100
Accelerometer Analog Devices ADXL150
Maximum Acceleration +/- 50g
Maximum current per pyro channel 8 Amps
Maximum system voltage 15 Volts DC
Pyro Output Channel Operations
  1. Staging/Clustering
  2. Apogee recovery system deployment
  3. Main recovery system deployment
Main Recovery System deployment altitude 400 feet AGL (+/- 80 feet)
Battery Life 20 hours

This photograph shows the G-Whiz LC Deluxe Altimeter/Accelerometer inside an Estes BT-50 25mm (1 inch) diameter body tube. The largest tube in the photograph is a Public Missiles Limited (PML) 29mm (1.1 inches) diameter phenolic body tube.

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