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R-DAS Flights

To date, I have made 2 flights of the R-DAS, both flights carried both the R-DAS and a G-Whiz LC Deluxe Altimeter/Accelerometer, to ensure that the data was accurate (If 2 dis-similar altitude logging pieces of equipment give similar results, then it is less likely that the results are innaccurate)

On both flights, the deviation between the altitudes measured by the R-DAS and G-Whiz LC Deluxe, was well within acceptable limits.

R-DAS Flight #1 R-DAS Flight #2
R-DAS Data for flight of Deimos-2 Stability Test Vehicle Rocket (4th of November, 1999) R-DAS Data for flight of Get Real Rocket on an Aerotech I-211 (4th of November, 1999)

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