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The Kelburn Castle & Country Centre - "The World's Most Scenic Launch Site" - lies on the Clyde Estuary Coast, south west of the city of Glasgow, on the A78 Road between the town of Largs and the village of Fairlie (click on the location and route maps below to see more detail).

Kelburn Castle & Country Centre (Kelburn) can also be reached by Train from Glasgow Central Railway Station going to Fairlie or Largs. Kelburn is within walking distance of Fairlie Railway Station (1 Mile/1.6 Kilometers), or by going on to the end of the line at Largs Railway Station you can take the free Minibus which Kelburn sends to meet the trains which arrive at 11.44am and 1.45pm (leaving Glasgow Central at 10.45am & 12.45pm respectively). If you do not arrive on either of these trains, taxis are available from Largs Railway Station.

By train from London: Take a train from London Euston or London Kings Cross to Glasgow Central Railway Station, then follow the instructions for the train from Glasgow, above.
By coach From London: Take a Coach from Victoria Coach Station to Glasgow, and then follow the directions from Glasgow, above.
By plane to Prestwick, Glasgow and Edinburgh Airports): There are rail links from these airports to Glasgow Central Railway Station.
(From London Heathrow Airport): Links to Scotland via air go to the airports named above. Following landing at one of the 3 Scottish airports listed above, one can proceed to Largs either via the train instructions or coach instructions above.

For up to date train details to and from various UK locations, please check: (train times) (train times and ticket prices)

For up to date coach details to and from various UK locations, please check: (coach times)