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International Rocket Week (IRW)
incorporating the International Rocket Weekend
Organised by: STAAR Research
Aquajet Competitions.

1) Teams of six, each team member flying a 1.5 Litre Aquajet.

2) Two rounds of flights for each team, with each individual best flight range achieved of the two rounds counting in the scoring. Range for each flight to be clearly indicated with an identifying marker - each team to provide own markers.

3) Common launch pressure (60 to 100 psi/4 to 7 bar) to be agreed before start of the Contest.

4) Quick repair of aquajets, or replacement with a substitute is allowed between the two rounds.

5) IMPORTANT! - ALL AQUAJETS IN THIS CONTEST MUST HAVE SOFT/CRUSHABLE NOSE CONES TO PREVENT DAMAGE OR INJURY IN CASE OF ACCIDENTAL IMPACT WITH OBJECTS OR PERSONS. THIS RULE WILL BE APPLIED WITHOUT EXCEPTION TO ALL AQUAJETS TO BE FLOWN BALLISTICALY (in or out of the Competition Flying), AND NOT HAVING A RECOVERY SYSTEM. NON-COMPLIANT AQUAJETS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED AND NOT ALLOWED TO FLY. (Safe nose cones of this type can be fashioned from thin card filled with those thin supermarket poly bags that clutter up your kitchen after food shopping trips - here's a use for them! Or fill or fashion from foam rubber. Cones can also be made from thicker, heavy duty polythene bags and then filled as above. Tape the nose cones onto the aquajet bottles using PVC Insulating tape, Duct Tape or Carpet Tape.)

6) The winning team will be the one with the largest total range achieved over the two rounds, ie. adding up the six best individual ranges for each team. Ranges will be measured by pacing carried out by John Bonsor (STAAR Research), as his paces have been the standard measure in this event since the 1st LARGS Aquajet Team Distance Contest, held in 1984. The pacing will be witnessed by a representative from each team.

7) The winning team will be awarded the "Schwiglhofer Trophy". This trophy was created in 1985 in honour of Oscar Schwiglhofer, FBIS, MISM, a lifelong campaigner for astronautics, founder of ASTRA (Association in Scotland To Research into Astronautics), and a former student of the great pioneer of astronautical mathematics and ideas for space travel, Prof. Hermann Oberth. As is in every year since 1985 Oscar Schwiglhofer will himself present the 'Trophy to the winning team.

Individual entries in the categories: less than 1.0, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and greater than 2.0 Litre pressure chamber capacity(*). To be flown off in capacity groups, as above, with common launch pressure to be agreed. Two flights per entrant, best range of over two rounds wins for each capacity group. Each entrant to provide own distinctive range marker. ALL CONTEST AQUAJETS MUST HAVE SOFT/CRUSHABLE NOSE CONES, AS IN RULE 5 FOR THE TEAM EVENT.

(* Largest LARGS aquajet to date was the 30 Litre vehicle built by Guy Gratton and Liz Burt at the 1997 IRW; not the world's largest though - a 36 Litre one has been flown in the US.)

Note: All aquajets flown in the Team and Open/Individual Distance events must be designed to fly ballisticaly, and should be test flown, or at least swing tested, to check and ensure stability before the events. Inclusion of lifting surfaces or features deliberately designed to enable the aquajet to glide will disqaulify the entry. However, any inadvertent "gliding" seen in any of the flights will not disqaulify the entry.

The Rules for these new events are still under development, and will be given as soon as they are complete.