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Insurance at the IRW
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Flight Insurance

1) Model Rocket Flying during the 1999 IRW will be covered by Kelburn Castle & Country Centre's own public liability insurance, but ONLY for all such flying AT the Kelburn site, and ruled by the Safety provisions quoted on the Safety web page.

2) Full membership of UKRA (United Kingdom Rocketry Association) provides Third Party Insurance for both Model and High Power Rocket Flying, ie. A to M Class motors. This insurance is provided through our affiliation with the British Model Flying Association (BMFA). UKRA is one of two Rocketry/Space Modelling Specialist Bodies for the BMFA (the other being the British Space Modelling Alliance, BSMA). Minimum age for Full Membership of UKRA is 18. If you would like to know more about UKRA please write to:-

United Kingdom Rocketry Association, PO Box 1561, SHEFFIELD, S11 7XA.

3) Temporary membership of UKRA, valid for one month, and which will provide flight insurance, will be available at the 1999 IRW on payment of 8.50 Pounds Sterling.

4) Anyone who is already a full member of the BMFA (other than through UKRA or the BSMA) is covered for flying A to M Class motors.

5) While the Organizers of the 1999 IRW would encourage everyone carrying out Model Rocket Flying at the event to do so under UKRA insurance cover, this is not an absolute requirement.

6) UKRA insurance cover IS however required for all High Power Rocket Flying at the 1999 IRW by UK Citizens. For participants from other countries valid membership of a recognised HPR club or association, eg. the Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc. (USA), or Youth and Space (Les Jeunes et L'Espace - EU) will be accepted.

7) As 18 is the minimum age for Full UKRA Membership, any participant under 18 who wishes to fly an above G Class rocket will be able to do so by means of mentoring arrangements with a Full UKRA Member. This also applies to the purchase of HPR motors at the event by those under 18, or for those who do not have the Explosives Certificates and Allowances required by law to purchase and transport specified HPR motors and propellants. Anyone acquiring such specified HPR motors and propellants at the 1999 IRW under these "mentoring arrangements" MUST use any such motors AT the event. Official reclassification of "specified HPR motors and propellants" is being undertaken at present. This is a matter beyond the control of the 1999 IRW Organizers and UKRA, however, as soon as the up to date list is available it will be posted on the IRW Web Pages and on the UKRA Web Site.

8) All rocket vehicles and flights at the 1999 IRW will be subject to the UKRA Safety Code, adjudicated by Safety Officers, and supervised by Launch Control Officers. The UKRA Technical & Safety Committee will also exercise consideration and rulings where they may be required, as provided for by the UKRA Safety Code.