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Helicopter rockets (or "helirocs") have really contrary flight modes! They boost up on rocket power (A to G motors, one or two stages allowed) and windmill to Earth as gently as thistledown (in theory anyway!) on autorotating aerosurface or aerofoil blades stored/folded inside or around the outside of the rocket during ascent, and then deployed by the rocket motor expulsion charge. Timing, with up to 3 flights per entrant, is as in the Boost/Rocket Glider event. These are technically challenging and interesting models to build and fly; and this year the world's most ambitious heliroc, the "Roton" Reusable Launch Vehicle is to start its test flights. The results and images from the 1999 heliroc event will be sent to the "Roton" developer, the Rotary Rocket Company in the USA, for comparison!