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International Rocket Week (IRW)
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Monday 21st to Monday 28th August, 2000
Friday 25th to Monday 28th August, 2000
(International Rocket Week)
(International Rocket Weekend)

Welcome to the International Rocket Week primary web pages. These pages which give the main details of this year's International Rocket Week (IRW), are linked to supplementary pages at: For the latest updates of this year's IRW details please go to these pages.

THIS IRW IS THE 15th ANNUAL "LARGS" ("LARGEST ANNUAL ROCKETRY GATHERING in SCOTLAND") ROCKET FESTIVAL TO BE HELD AT KELBURN CASTLE & COUNTRY CENTRE. Organised by STAAR Research, with assistance from ScotRoc and the UK Rocketry Association (UKRA), this IRW will build upon the successes of the Scottish Rocket Weekends (1986 to 1991), the International Rocket Weekends (1992 to 1997), and the International Space & Rocketry Week of 1998 and 1999, all held at Kelburn, near Largs. This growth of rocket festivals in Scotland was begun and inspired by the Paisley Rocket Weekends held in 1985 and 1987, organised by the Paisley Rocketeers' Society (PRS - founded in 1936 and still active!).

The IRW is open to all groups and individuals active or interested in Model and High Power Rocketry in all its aspects, from all countries of the world. Beginners as well as experienced rocketeers are very welcome to participate. Spaceflight and space exploration enthusiasts are also welcome, as there will be much of interest to them at the IRW, particularly in the realm of Amateur and Independent Venture launch vehicle and space activities.
In recent years the LARGS/IRW event has developed into a gathering attended by individuals, clubs and families. The Kelburn Castle & Country Centre looks over one of the most spectacularly beautiful parts of the Scottish West Coast, and is itself a naturally and spiritually embracing place. For non-rocket flying family members there is much of interest to do at Kelburn itself and in the area, including trips on the Clyde in the "Waverley", the world's last sea going paddle steamer.

Note: During the IRW it is planned to have a group visit to the Museum of Flight (National Museums of Scotland), near Edinburgh. Arrangements and the date for this will be announced in due course.