Introduction to the International Rocket Week/Weekend
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Aquajet Competitions at the IRW
1996 International/Scottish Rocket Weekend Report
1997 International/Scottish Rocket Weekend Report
Safety at the IRW
Entry, Participation and Accomodation Costs for the IRW
Insurance at the IRW
International Rocket Week (IRW)
incorporating the International Rocket Weekend
Organised by: STAAR Research

On arrival at Kelburn, at the Gate Kiosk state that you are attending the International Rocket Week and then go to the Pavilion (right hand turn immediately after the Kiosk). If arriving before 10am or after 6pm go straight to the Pavilion. Payments are NOT made at the Gate or at the 'Centre Reception Desk, but are made at the REGISTRATION DESK in the Pavilion. Receipts will be issued, and each participant will receive a PASS BADGE identifying them with the IRW, which also allows free movement around Kelburn Castle & Country Centre (subject to any charges for Kelburn's own attractions and activities). To assist with safety and security at the 1999 IRW please Register and get your Pass Badge(s) on arrival at the event.