Introduction to the International Rocket Week/Weekend
Travel Details to the IRW
Accomodation at the IRW
Food and Meals at the IRW
Weather at the IRW
Participation in the IRW
High Power Rocketry at the IRW
Flight Programme
Competitions at the IRW
Flight Rules at the IRW
Rocket Glider and Rocket Boost Glider Competitions at the IRW
Lander Competitions at the IRW
Rocket Boosted Helicopter Recovery Competitions at the IRW
Rocket Payload Competitions at the IRW
Aquajet Competitions at the IRW
1996 International/Scottish Rocket Weekend Report
1997 International/Scottish Rocket Weekend Report
Safety at the IRW
Entry, Participation and Accomodation Costs for the IRW
Insurance at the IRW
International Rocket Week (IRW)
incorporating the International Rocket Weekend
Organised by: STAAR Research

Aquajet Competitions.

  • 17th Annual Largs Aquajet team distance contest
  • 7th Annual Largs "Aquajet Open" individual distance contest
  • 3rd Annual Largs Aquajet parachute recovery duration contest
  • 2nd Annual Largs Aquajet helicopter recovery duration contest
  • 2nd Annual Largs Aquajet glider recovery duration contest

Model Rocket Competitions.

  • 7th Annual Largs Boost/Rocket glider duration contest
  • 6th Annual Largs Helicopter recovery duration contest
  • 4th Annual Largs Lander contest
  • 2nd Annual Largs Payload contest