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Estes and Quest

Estes and Quest are the main source of model rocketry kits in the U.K. The kits can be launched on rocket motors ranging in size from 1/2 A-class to D-class motors.

Estes products are imported by Ripmax Ltd, and are distributed to model shops throughout the U.K.

Ripmax Ltd.
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Rocket Services

Rocket Services is the U.K's only indigenous rocket motor manufacturer, and has been supplying both their own solid rocket motors and kits to UK rocketeers for many years. The rocket motors generally available, range in size from C-class to H-class, with larger motors available, such as their H-136, J-870 and K-1280 reloadable motors.

Rocket Services motors can often be purchased at events such as the Scottish / International Rocket Weekend at Largs, with popular Rocket Services motor choices over the years at this event being the F36-5, F72-0, G30 and H200.

Rocket Services also sell their own range of kits such as their ducted rocket glider kit, the "Lancaster".

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