About STAAR Research.

STAAR Research (Space Technology Applications and Astronomy Research) was formed in July 1989. The principle research interests in STAAR Research are related to waverider spaceplane technology, and to those ends, STAAR Research has been engaged in the practical development (including flight tests) of waverider technology, mainly through sub-scale flight testing.

A STAAR Research waverider experiment was to have been flown as a payload on the Anglo/Russian Juno mission to the MIR Space Station, in which British Cosmonaut, Helen Sharman flew. Sadly, the payload opportunity was cancelled due to the lack of funding of the Juno mission.

STAAR Research is also involved in Space Education, and has been running rocketry workshops for educational and public events for many years.

STAAR Research is a member organisation of the United Kingdom Rocketry Association (UKRA), and holds the Annual Scottish / International Rocket Weekend at Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland, attended by many UK rocketeers, every August.

The UK amateur, high power and rocketry records are also maintained by STAAR Research.

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