What is UKSEDS ?

SEDS is the world's largest space enthusiast organisation for both school and university students. Anyone who is interested can become a member of UKSEDS, young or old, student or non-student. The organisation was founded in the US in 1980 by students at MIT and Princeton University and is continuing to grow, currently having more than 60 branches worldwide. UKSEDS was formed in 1988 and is one of the fastest growing national SEDS groups.



Branches represent the vital core of the SEDS infrastructure. Secondary school and university branches are the local coordinators for their own programming, recruiting efforts, excursions and fund raising. Branch independence is a vital element in SEDS structure because it allows SEDS members full opportunity to gain important management experience. A member from each branch can sit at SEDS meetings and report upon their progress. Communication between branches is done both through the National magazine or via email.

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SEDS members see space not as science-fiction but as a new frontier to explore and develop for the benefit of humankind. To this end, SEDS and its branches incorporate into all membership activities the commitment to making space more a part of our lives. Members participate in lectures, meetings and events. Participation in SEDS events helps improve leadership skills, enhances career interests and develops organisational abilities.


UKSEDS recognises the importance of space education and to this end has a number of events and activities dedicated to this aspect. Many branches regularly invite speakers of all disciplines to lecture to both SEDS members and the public, others also organise astronomy outings.

SEDS itself organises "Teacher Workshops" such as the one held at the Cranfield Institute of Technology in the spring of 1992. The need for this has sharply risen in the past few years since the inclusion of space and astronomy on the National Curriculum. These courses cover a wide range of teaching abilities, the general aim being to introduce space into the classroom. Other successful events include "Space Education Days" intended for 7-18 year olds. These are one day events hosted by a particular school and are also aimed at bringing space technology and science into the classroom. Space Education Days take the form of lectures, exhibitions and simulations and also provide Teacher Packs to ensure the continued interest and education of the children.

UKSEDS holds an annual National Conference, which brings together students throughout the country to learn more about space and to meet professionals in the space business.

On our education pages you can meet the current Education Committee and find our more about UKSEDS activities in this area. If you have any queries, please email the Education Committee.

International involvement

A number of student exchanges have been organised via UKSEDS. In late 1993 a Russian exchange occurred which not only allowed Russian students to visit Britain but also British students to visit and experience the Russian space programme and culture.

Technical projects

Members are increasingly becoming involved in SEDS technical project work. This work can be study, construction or operation of space technologies to allow students to gain "hands on" experience in real space projects. Each project is the responsibility of a small team of students or new graduates. Some members have managed to incorporate SEDS technical project work into their university or school studies.

UKSEDS projects

Solar sail

The recently initiated microlight solar sail project will develop the concept of solar sailing and lead to the manufacture of a small solar sail. A sail with dimensions of a couple of metres will be able to conduct a valuable scientific mission, at a minute cost. Students from a number of universities are presently conducting various demonstrator projects in preparation for the full-scale design.

Spaceflight handbook

Currently in the editorial stages...! etc.

Contact details

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