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UKSEDS Projects

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UKSEDS projects provide one of the highlights of getting involved. Through our previous projects, many people have taken part to a greater or lesser extent in the design, management and construction of a variety of space projects.

The best way to get involved with a project is through a branch - so if you have an idea for a project, but no branch locally, why not start one up? See below.

Projects list

Project title Project status
BURT '99 Rocket Completed
The Microlight Solar Sail Design complete, awaiting funding
ESPY - An Educational Microsat Incomplete due to lack of funding
Aspire I Completed
Phoenix - A Study of Von Neuman probes Paper study only - completed
GAS - The Get Away Special Various payloads designed, none flown
FLA - The Fluid Loop Actuator Built mainly by UKC - completed
Space biology: An investigation of a Putative Accelerometric Shock Protein (ASP) Response in Bacillius subtilis Submitted to Novespace

Guidelines for proposing a project

Adapted from an article by David Ian Wade