Current Projects.

Home Network and Automation.

The main hardware project is networking my house and adding home automation using X-10 technology. The 10BaseT network links for the house server (running LINUX) are now in (double network port sockets for future expandability), and the garage now has a network point (You can never have enough network points).

10baseT is a bit lame (Although it's still better than the International Space Station, which uses 10base2 !), but until I can afford a 100BaseT switchable hub or a decent router with lots and lots of ports, then 10baseT will have to do.

Some of the internal and external security cameras are now fitted, the next step is to start work on the security droid.


My supply of aluminium is slowly being used on various amateur rocket projects, so once again, it is now possible to see much of the floor in the Batcave (and the walls)


.....I'm still deciding what to use the SparcStation 1+ for next - using it for the house server seems like a bit of an overkill (that is a job for 486 PCs running LINUX). The Sun 4/110 is running well though (as it always has done), and hasn't crashed in months (which is more than can be said for the Windows boxes!)

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