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KarlNet Unveils New Website

Announcing Support for IEEE 802.11 High-Speed (11 Mbps) Radios
Announcing TurboCell Software Upgrade
KarlNet and Lucent to Provide Point-to-Multipoint Solution
KarlNet Joins Apple and Lucent in Providing the Apple Airport

Welcome to KarlNet's European mirror site. To visit KarlNet's main site, visit www.karlnet.com

Since 1993 KarlNet Incorporated has been the international leader in the engineering and design of hardware and software for wireless data networks.

Specializing in providing firmware to radio manufacturers for their own bridges, routers, and access points, KarlNet provides complete hardware and software solutions to OEM's, distributors, and resellers worldwide.

KarlNet's proprietary TurboCell protocol is also in use on various hardware platforms around the world for increased security and performance in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions.

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