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Product List

KarlNet's product line consists of several basic networking products, with state-of-the-art features that enable OEM's and resellers to create their own networking solutions for their customers. In addition to providing software and firmware solutions for radio manufacturers, KarlNet has several hardware kits and full systems available. Many of our customers base their products on our Flash ROM units, reselling our full systems or building their own from one of our kit packages.

The basic features that KarlNet provides include wireless networking, Ethernet bridging, IP routing, tunneling, and firewall, and data encryption. These core features combined with our advanced filtering and wireless protocols gives equipment manufacturers the competitive advantage they need.

Full Systems

KarlBridge/Firewall Ethernet-to-Ethernet Bridge
KarlRouter/Firewall Ethernet-to-Ethernet Bridge/IP Router
Wireless KarlBridge IEEE 802.11 Access Point/Bridge
Wireless KarlRouter IEEE 802.11 Access Point/Bridge/IP Router

Kit Systems and Parts

Flash ROM Kit Assemble your own commercial wireless bridge/router
Ethernet Cards

Recommended NIC's for use with Flash ROM units

Motherboards Recommended motherboards for Flash ROM units
EPROM's EPROM's for Flash ROM failsafe mode
Radios Wireless radios supported by KarlNet software

Available Software Features

TurboCell Point-to-Point
ISP Base Station
Access Point IEEE 802.11 standard AP
Authentication Username/Password
MAC Address
RADIUS server

Link Test

for testing signal quality
IP Tunnel with Data Encryption
Bridge Filters Ethernet Protocols
MAC Address
Multicast and Broadcast
Packet Storm Protection
Advanced (Proxy ARP, etc.)
Advanced IP

IP Routing  with RIP-I support
IP Firewall  with Authenticated Bypass
IP Tunnel  with Data Encryption
Network Address Translation (NAT) Outgoing NAT/NAPT
Incoming NAT/NAPT
DHCP Server

PingFill  IP throughput test
SNMP Statistics
Data Encryption  DES, IDEA, Blowfish, others
Backup Links  for maximum reliability

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