Underwater piccies from my diving trip

I went diving to the Red Sea on a liveaboard called the LadyM.

We flew to Hurgada, and after the hectic queuing to get visas and cramming through immigration, we eventually got on to a bus, and this was really the first time we had any idea of who we'd be on the boat with.

We were then taken to the Mariott hotel where we got a Dingy and were taken to the LadyM. Some people had been on her before and grabbed the cabins on the top deck, being a "couple" Jennie and I opted for one of the "larger" cabins on the lower deck, in the bow. As it turned out, big mistake! If the sewage system gets slightly blocked, the front cabins are the worst affected.

Oddly, the first night was spent on board without going anywhere, which was pretty pointless. We left the next morning. The trip was pretty good, except on the first couple of nights due the the most nausious smell emminating from the toilets, had to sleep on deck.

The LadyM is meant to be one of the better boats on the Red Sea, but I was quite disappointed, it's had it's day, though Captain Ahmed was great and very helpfull.

I took quite a few photos which can be viewed at your leisure.

All the photos were all taken on a Nikon Coolpix 990 with a 24mm Wide Angle adapter and an Ikelite housing with 400W strobe. No filter was used on the Ikelite.

The links below relate to the different dive sites that we visited. I didn't use the camera on all dives, as my air consumption goes up considerably when lugging the camera about, especially if there's any current.

BigBrother South These were taken around the Bigbrother islands, which are situated at the southern end of the Red Sea (not quite Sudan).
Numidia Wreck at BigBrother The Numidia is quite a large wreck, which sunk on the reef (probably why the British put a lighthouse there).
Daedalus reef another southern reef in the center of the Red Sea (about 100 miles from Egypt/Saudi).
Eplphinstone reef another reef.
Mangegrove bay was probably my favourite dive, it's a very sheltered bay surrounded by coral, very relaxing.
Giftun Island which I think is a marine reserve, not too exciting, lots of boats were there.
And that's it. It's a shame I didn't take the camera down deep where we saw sharks. Hammerheads, Grey Reef and Oceanic White tips, and thanks Jennie for NOT passing me the camera off the boat, when the silky was around (which was pretty amazing, just as we surfaced this 11ft shark just swam by maybe 1 foot away looking at you as it passed - not scary at all).
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