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Net and Web

  • I Hate Windows Page The pathetic Windows interface
  • The Lycos Home Page Search the web
  • Netscape Assistance Advice on HTML
  • Yahoo It's all here
  • Cool tricks HTML tips
  • The Spider's Web More usefulness
  • Mac Web Resources From the splendid Robert Lentz
  • Texture Land Backgrounds for web pages
  • KPT Textures Backgrounds from the Magical World of Kai
  • The Background Sampler Yet more backgrounds
  • Apple Computer Cupertino Speaks
  • Apple Mirror Mirror of the above
  • Best of The Mac Good Mac things
  • The Wall of Shame Essential NetscapologyTOP
  • Computer Graphics

  • Graphics Software Archive
  • The Ray Tracing Home Page
  • 3D Web
  • Silicon Studio Inc.
  • Kai's Power Tips The Great Man's advice on Photoshop
  • People

  • James Coates's Home Page It stands alone
  • Markus's SpiderWeb Nice chap, nice links
  • Mike Chang's Web Links Jolly Useful
  • Home Page of Nathan Hughes Ditto
  • Mike's Favourite Places Highly Pleasant
  • Justin's Links from the Underground More to see
  • Wong's Place A fine place: besides, I promised TOP
  • Kultcher

  • A Museum Of Cyberanthropology Archaeology of the future
  • The World of Vermeer Double Dutch
  • The World of Seurat Dotty pages
  • The Works of Shakespeare Every line online
  • William Burroughs All about the great Bill
  • The Louvre Inspect the Venus de Milo
  • Mark Twain All about Sam
  • Internet Movie Database From Cardiff, Wales.
  • Internet Movie Database The same, in the U.S.
  • Jane Austen Her Home Page
  • Autobach Page Music generated for you by Bach, Haydn etc.
  • Abba Pages Heaven on earth
  • Abba Again More splendour
  • BBC Home Page Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation
  • Absolute Hell The worst place on earth
  • The Richard Wagner Archive A shrine to Der Meister
  • Genius Unleashed More Wagner: Höchste Lust!
  • Composers Music, music, music
  • Hector's House Berlioz -- the man, the music
  • Hotwired New thinking for a new mediumTOP
  • Gay

    Download the Pride Flag here
  • Glaids Home Page Somewhere to hang out
  • The Pink Pages Pinkness
  • Safe Sex Page Rubbery sense
  • Jase Pittman Wells The heroic uploader from Oz
  • Edward Hirst's Homepage Splendid
  • Boys Town A merry place to be
  • Sean M. Burke's Home Page Linkness
  • Queer Resources Directory More linkness
  • The Gallery of Male Photographs Well quite
  • James Coates's Gallery More pix
  • D.Y.K.E. Fan's page for Bad Girls
  • LesbiPride Where the Rainbow Flag Flies
  • S. Californian Gay Wired Times A Dudey kinda place
  • The Brewer Twins Shrine Oh my heavens. God bless James Coates.TOP
  • Odd

  • A Tarot Reading For You Future Shock
  • The Confession Booth Ego te absolvo ...
  • The Web of Lies Lies, lies, lies
  • Caspian's Crosswords Cryptic Crosswords ... with prizes!
  • A Guide to Lock Picking Go directly to Yale
  • The Butt Page Arses, arses, arses
  • The Anagram Page Later sword
  • Unusual, Strange and Unique Publications Weird publishing
  • Jon's tasteless page Something disgusting
  • Internet masturbation poll Hilda Hand and her five charming sons
  • Lego Page Lego, you're hurting me
  • Woof, woof All about dogs
  • Relais And Châteaux Cheap places to stay. Not
  • Morris Dancing Incredible but true
  • Cooking with Sartre Existential cuisineTOP
  • Periodicals

  • The Electronic Telegraph Including crossword
  • Private Eye The Gnome PageTOP
  • British

  • Best of British Lots of British links
  • Knowhere Guide to Norwich A Fine City
  • Dundee University The Bologna of the North
  • The Rector's Page
    My Rectal Home Page
  • U.K. Phone codes Be still my B.T. heart
  • Cambridge Panorama A view of CambridgeTOP
  • Coffeepots

  • The Trojan Room Coffee PotIs it full or empty?
  • Another Coffee PotMore of a teapot, reallyTOP
  • Those admirable people again

  • Damon AlbarnSome Blur information
  • Another Damon link
    More blurring
  • Martina NavratilovaGoddess
  • River Phoenix Page Edward Hirst's River Gallery
  • Captain Janeway Kate Mulgrew: the Katherine Hepburn of the 90's
  • Dianne WiestI just love herTOP
  • Cricket

  • Laws and practices Good for interested beginners
  • Cricket links A full pavilion of connections
  • Latest scores Use only if you are set up to receive news
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