The Town of Drakenwood

Drakenwood is the main base for the majority of the adventurers who live within the Western Realms, as its location is right on the fringe of civilization. Its population has expanded rapidly since its foundation, some two score and ten years ago, and now can be counted as a mid-sized town. It takes its name from the woman who founded it, one Melissa Draken, who was instrumental in breaking the power of the humanoids (Orcs, Goblins, Gnolls and so forth) and Bandits that once held sway over the region.

It is located upon the coast of the Anduin sea, which stretches for countless leagues south. The geography of the area makes the cove next to which the town nestles the idea landing point for ships, and thus the towns continual expansion seems assured, as ships become more and more important for trade.

The town is ruled by a Council of adventurers, which are elected democratically every year. Each of the main Guilds elects two representitives to the Council. There is also a nominal Lord of Draknwood, who goes by the name of Lord Atmos, but in recent years he has given up the vast majority of his powers to the Council.

Although by no means cosmopolitan, Drakenwood contains most of the shops and facilities that are needed on a day to day basis, with various banks, shops, pubs, post offices and the like scattered throughout. Prices are perhaps slightly inflated, but not exceptionally so, and the owner of the local supply store, Horace, makes a tidy little sum of money, while retaining the goodwill of his customers.

There is a squad of remarkably effective Town Guards within Drakenwood, who report directly to the Council. It has met with considerable success of late in driving crime underground in the town, and where once pickpockets and muggers were a constant danger at night, the town is now reasonably safe. Known Rogues are now permitted into the town, but are heavily watched.

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