A simple script for filtering incoming email through SpamAssassin via your .qmail file.

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30/Mar/2003: An announcements-only mailing list is now available.
Email "subscribe" to ifspamh-announce-request (at) gbnet.net

03/Feb/2003: Version 1.5
fixes a problem when using with SpamAssassin 2.50, whilst remaining compatible with older versions.


For example, in your .qmail file:

    |ifspamh <user>-isspam
(or however you want to deliver the mail if it isn't a spam message). This will forward anything that SpamAssassin deems spam to the given address.

in your .qmail-isspam file:

(or wherever you want to save the Spam mail)

For more details on SpamAssassin, how to set preferences, whitelists, etc, see 'Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf(3)' - and put the preferences in ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs

For more detail on .qmail files, see your local dot-qmail(5) and qmail-command(8) manual pages.

Requires: spamc, spamd, qmail and 822field (from DJB's mess822 package) to be installed and working.


If you are using vpopmail, make sure you are using at least version 5.3.6.

If you want to run SpamAssassin globally for every email, see the qmail-spamc/qmail-scanner approach in the qmail/ subdirectory of the SpamAssassin distribution.

~jrg/ (James R Grinter)