Installing Irix 6.2

booting from CDROM, installing miniroot.

with CDROM as SCSI device #4 - SGI default

  1. power on system
  2. select "stop for maintenance"
  3. "Enter command monitor"
  4. (returned to System maintenance menu)

Installing system software

  1. From system maintenance menu, select "Install System Software"
  2. make sure local CDROM is selected
  3. click on "Install", and continue
  4. (Wait - system copies install tools to miniroot)
  5. Mounting filesystems
  6. Invoking system software installation
  7. for all SGIs

Configuring Irix 6.2

  1. log in as 'root' (no password, yet)
  2. select console
  3. set passwords and deal with test/guest accounts
  4. disable the following features, with chkconfig featurename off
  5. on non desktop machines, disable the following extra things:
  6. some systems may also need the following disabled, if they exist
  7. inetd reconfiguration,
    remove (comment out)
    exec, finger, http, wn-http, bootp, tftp, ntalk, tcpmux, echo tcp/udp, discard tcp/udp, chargen tcp/udp
    mountd, sgi_mountd, rstatd, walld, rusersd, rquotad, sprayd, bootpram
    sgi_snoop, sgi_pcsd, sgi_pod, sgi_xfsmd
    sgi_scanner, sgi_printer
    add tcp wrappers to:
    ftpd, telnetd, rshd, rlogind
  8. portmap/rpcbind configuration
  9. xdm config changes (in /var/X11/xdm)
  10. syslog.conf changes
  11. hostname/ ip address
  12. timezone, (/etc/TIMEZONE.) GMT0BST-1
  13. DNS, (/etc/resolv.conf)
  14. routing, etc, (create /etc/init.d/network.local)
          case "$1" in
             if $IS_ON network; then
                route add default ....
             route delete default
             echo "usage: $0 {start|stop}"
  15. and install:
  16. reboot

additional notes

James R Grinter
Last modified: Sun Mar 15 21:44:32 GMT 1998