Installing the Updates to Release 1.1d7 of the Be OS NOTE: This document is identical to "Last-Minute Notes," the document that comes with all copies of the release 1.1d7 Be Operating System CD-ROM. After the Be Operating System CD-ROMs were pressed, we discovered and fixed some bugs in files that are part of the Be OS(TM) system software. The fixed files improve the performance and reliability the BeBox(TM) when running release 1.1d7 of the Be OS. These notes show you how to get and install the fixed files. IMPORTANT: The files you download and install following these notes are for use on a BeBox that's already running release 1.1d7 of the Be OS. If you install these files on a BeBox that's running release 1.1d6 or another version of the Be OS, you will make the BeBox unbootable and will have to install the current release of the Be OS from scratch. To complete these instructions, you must be able to retrieve files from the Be(TM) ftp site. If you're not connected to the Internet, or if you can't get to the site or retrieve the files for any other reason, contact Be Developer Support by e-mail ( or by phone (at (415) 462-4103), and we'll find another way to get you the fixed files. 1. Install release 1.1d7 of the Be OS. Follow the instructions in "Installing or Upgrading to Release 1.1d7 of the Be Software," the booklet that comes with the release 1.1d7 Be Operating System CD-ROM. Be sure to restart the BeBox after the installation is complete. 2. Configure the BeBox to communicate across a network. See "Network" on page 100 of the release 1.1d7 edition of the "Be User's Guide." 3. Start the Terminal application (it's in /apps), cd to the root folder on the boot disk, and connect to the Be ftp site: $ cd /boot $ ftp If the connection is accepted, the site responds: Connected to 220 FTP server (version 6.00) ready. 4. Log in, using the user name "anonymous" and no password: name ( anonymous 331 Guest login ok, send your email address as password. Password: 5. Get the two tar archives that contain the fixed software (dr7_update.tar and dr7_bootrom.tar): ftp> cd pub/dr7_update ftp> get dr7_update.tar ftp> get dr7_bootrom.tar 6. Quit ftp. ftp> quit You return to the Be shell prompt in the Terminal window. 7. Extract the fixed files from the two tar archives: $ tar xvf dr7_update.tar This replaces some Be OS system software files with fixed versions. $ tar xvf dr7_bootrom.tar This places two files at the root of the boot disk:bootmain.image and bootnub.image. You use these to update the BeBox boot ROM -- part of the Be system software that is actually stored on programmable chips on the BeBox motherboard. 8. Update the BeBox boot ROM. In the Browser, open the window for the boot disk and the window for the /apps folder side by side. (You open the root of the boot disk by double-clicking the BeBox icon in the dock and then double-clicking the boot disk icon.) Then drag the two .image files from the boot disk window onto the ROMUpdater application icon in the /apps window. The update takes just a few seconds. 9. Clean up and restart. You can delete the two .tar files and the two .image files. Then restart the BeBox to make the Be OS take advantage of the fixed system software files. Be, the Be logo, BeBox, and Be OS are trademarks of Be, Inc. Last Modified 04/25/96