POP/IMAP WWW Mail Reader

POP/IMAP Mail Reader

This Web script allows reading and sending of mail through a www browser. Please feel free to try this out.

Currently it supports reading mail from POP3 or IMAP net mailboxes, however you should be aware that passwords WILL be transmitted in clear text over the net. This isn't a problem if you happen to have an account on this machine (pop3.gbnet.net) or on Demon Internet's POP server as the passwords are then only travelling through a local link and shouldn't be subject to packet snooping.

Click here to enter mail system

Please try the beta secure server, this is available via the link below

Click here to enter Secure mail system

Please note, although NO passwords are locally stored, all mail accesses are logged via normal web server logging and any sent mail via normail MTA logging.

NOTE: Altough no passwords are stored, they MAY be cached in a web cache (between your browser and this server), or in YOUR browser cache (and thus potentially viewable by other users of your system). Please be aware of these limitations.

Hopefully there will be a secure server running here soon and many of these problems will then be obsolete.

If this service is abused, it may be removed without notice.

This client was written by Soren Vejrum of Copenhagen Business School, it has been extensively modified by jrg@gbnet.net

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