Tomorrow's World Live '97

This event was held at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, 19th - 23rd March 1997. A celebration of science and technology, the show had exhibitions from leading scientific and commercial interests.

And we were there, thanks to AspireSpace!

Tomorrow's World image

As those of you who saw the program know, the AspireSpace team were featured on Tomorrow's World. The highlight of the two four-day event was the launching of the Aspire Research Vehicle, one of AspireSpace's fleet of rockets.

Designed to test flight hardware for some of the team's more ambitious projects, this craft reached 11,000 ft before descending to Earth by parachute.

For the first time, this launch featured a tracking device to enable the vehicle to be located once it had landed.

All went successfully, as the pictures below should demonstrate!

AspireSpace Rocket Launches

The launch from near the Birmingham Tomorrow's World show was only one of many launches that AspireSpace make to test and refine their hardware.

Our aim, as long as the team agree, is to try and let as many people as possible experience these launches.

If you are interested in such an event, then watch for news in the Newsletter, also check out our calendar or contact any one of the committee.

The ASRV Launches The ASRV Launch Gantry

The AspireSpace ASRV vehicle launches

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