Uk.telecom Frequently asked Questions

Compiled/ Posted by James Grinter

This is a starting point for the FAQ about Telecommunications in the UK. This is split up into four documents mirroring the original posts:

  1. Questions and Contacts
  2. Telephone Service
  3. Technical Matters
  4. BT Network Services

These pages are automatically converted from the original articles, and attempt to summarise answers to some of the more often asked questions in the newsgroup uk.telecom.

If you mirror these pages, let me know and I'll include the location in the next posted FAQ.

The original posts, and all other periodic postings to news.answers are available for anonymous ftp in the periodic posting archive [], or via E-mail by sending a message to (send a message with "help" in the body to get more information).


This information has been culled from postings to uk.telecom, mail and occasionally from files of the comp.dcom.telecom archive. I give no guarantees of its accuracy etc.. I also reserve the right to edit postings for length and relevance.

Please, only use any prices as a guide - if you want up-to-date pricing information contact the relevant people. (many numbers are listed at the bottom of part 1)


My thanks to all those who participate in the uk.telecom newsgroup, and to all those who take the time to contribute information.

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James R Grinter