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Local KarlBridge and Firewall

The Local KarlBridge is a low-cost, high-performance Ethernet-to-Ethernet bridge that comes equipped with advanced Ethernet Protocol and MAC Address filters. It comes equipped with two high-performance 10/100 Ethernet ports, and is capable of forwarding and filtering Ethernet and IP packets at full 100 Mbps speed. For the utmost in security, it can be upgraded with the IP Firewall module.

Partial Feature List

  • Based on the popular KarlBridge software in use in over 70,000 systems installed worldwide.
  • FlashROM-based with remote software upload capability
  • Two 10/100 Ethernet interfaces
  • Supports IEEE 802.1d transparent MAC layer bridging
  • Front-panel LED's provide realtime display of signal quality, forwarding rate, transmit, receive, collision and network errors
  • Supports SNMP MIB II, Bridge MIB, Ethernet and the Interface MIB to remotely manage all aspects of the bridge
  • SNMP management program included at no extra cost
  • Automatic broadcast storm detection and suppression
  • Ethernet Protocol filters
  • MAC Address filters
  • IP Firewall option available
  • Data Encryption option available
Other models support IP Routing and Wireless LAN's.


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