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Flash ROM

Unique to the wireless industry, KarlNet's FlashROM kit allows OEM's and Resellers to create their own wired or wireless network solutions tailored to their own customers' needs.

Each Flash ROM unit consists of a single circuit board containing a 256 KB Flash ROM chip, which can be updated dynamically over the network using KarlNet's SNMP-based management software (provided free-of-charge). The Flash ROM board can be plugged into a standard PC motherboard via an IDE cable to create a wireless or wired bridge, router, firewall, or access point. Flash ROM units come with colored LED's to denote wireless signal quality, forwarding rate, transmit, receive, collision and network errors. Software is also available for the Flash ROM unit for a wide variety of radio platforms.

Partial Feature List:

[EPROM] [Ethernet] [Flash ROM] [Motherboard] [Radio]

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