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KarlNet and Lucent to Provide Point-to-Multipoint Solution

Columbus, OH - December 30, 1999

KarlNet, Inc. announced today a partnership with Lucent Technologies to provide the TurboCell protocols through Lucent sales channels for outdoor wireless point-to-multipoint network solutions.

With years use in production environments on the largest install base of wireless ISP's worldwide, the TurboCell protocols extend the IEEE 802.11 standard to increase security, throughput, and management capabilities. With the basic KarlBridge software in use in over 100,000 systems worldwide, KarlNet's ISP software extends the high-speed TurboCell protocol (formerly known as CellWave) to effectively support wireless ISP connections in outdoor Point-to-Multipoint environments. The TurboCell protocol brings its incredible throughput improvements even in networks where none of the wireless clients can hear each others' traffic, which is crucial for the wireless ISP. This "hidden node" problem, which severel impacts other wireless protocols, is solved by TurboCell.

For commercial Internet Service Providers, network security and management is critical to the survival of their business. KarlNet has integrated existing security protocols with innovative new usage to create a strong security model designed especially for wireless ISP's. Unlike a standard IEEE 802.11 Access Point, in which each wireless user is on a private LAN with every other wireless user, KarlNet's ISP Software enables service providers to block protocols and transfers between specific MAC addresses over the wireless link!

In all, KarlNet's exclusive technology provides added security, authentication, and management capabilities not capable with other wireless technologies, at unprecedented throughput on 11 Mbps radios!

To learn more about KarlNet's products for Wireless ISP's, visit KarlNet's website at www.karlnet.com, or send email to info@karlnet.com.


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