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Announcing Support for IEEE 802.11 High-Speed (11 Mbps) Radios

Columbus, OH - December 31, 1999

KarlNet, Inc. announced today the general availability of software and hardware support for IEEE 802.11 high-speed (11 Mbps) radios. As one of the principal designers and software provider for the 11 Mbps Apple Airport (see related news release), KarlNet has been developing for 11 Mbps radios since before their initial release. KarlNet has leveraged this expertise to provide high-quality software and hardware with the latest, highest-speed radio hardware, and has now released their 11 Mbps solutions.

11 Mbps radio support is available for all of KarlNet's products, including KarlBridges and KarlRouters used worldwide for Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, and Access Point wireless connections. 11 Mbps radios combined with their TurboCell protocols (formerly known as CellWave), KarlNet provides wireless solutions at highest actual data rate available on the market!

To learn more about KarlNet's 11 Mbps products, visit KarlNet's website at www.karlnet.com, or send email to info@karlnet.com.


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