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History of KarlNet, Inc.

Started in February 1993 by Doug Karl (President of KarlNet, Inc.) and Doug Harman (Director of Marketing and Sales), KarlNet, Inc. is a leading provider of wireless Point-to-Multipoint, Ethernet bridges, routers, and firewall products.

The original KarlBridge/Router was developed for the needs of The Ohio State University, to protect private department and research networks which needed to remain secure from students and other users of the main campus network. Due to the size of this network (The Ohio State University's main campus in Columbus is the largest university campus in the United States), we also saw other needs, such as wirelessly linking networks in off-campus buildings to the main university network. From these beginnings we now support many different radios from the leading manufacturers worldwide.

KarlNet was one of the first companies that developed firewall software and wireless LAN's. It has gotten rave reviews from many different sources: Voted popular product in a poll sponsored by NASA, Editors' Choice in Network Computing, written about in several university textbooks and network books, and used as an example of network firewalls in university classrooms.

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