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Follow-me Computing, RSA Migration and 6.1 reasons to believe in something ... better.

The FBI, The SANS Institute, Gartner, Forrester, Aberdeen... all warn that static passwords are one of the top security threats facing organizations today.

Even stringent 'strong' password protocols (like monthly password changes, no repeats, upper/lower/alpha/ numeric...) are no match for disgruntled employees, user 'Post-It Note' laissez faire, shoulder surfers and organized crime with password breaking software that makes short work of our inadequate human attempts to be secure.

Introducing CRYPTO-Server 6.1 - a system that works better, implements easier, takes hassle and responsibility away from the user and costs less. 

Check out the new features on a spectacular new ID management/Authentication system. Read up on Follow-me Computing for Citrix users, RSA Migration, LDAP & Active Directory support and more...

Follow-Me Computing

For Citrix (and Terminal Sevices) networks, CRYPTO-Server 6.1 delivers much more than an award-winning authentication solution - it also enables a truly revolutionary "Follow-me" access flexibility. The ideal solution for high-security environments that require instant access from anywhere, anytime, using any device, over any connection. Follow-me Computing is an efficiency engine that end users will embrace with enthusiasm. (Read more.)

R$A Migration

Frustrated R$A users - take heart!  Check out our non-disposable solution.

Test Drive

In mid-April, test drive CRYPTO-Server 6.1, or pre-order a Windows or Mac 5-user Kit today.  Are we everything we say we are?  There's only one way to know for sure.    


  "It is CRYPTOAdmin's interoperability that makes it an attractive proposition, and...its GUI makes the management of tokens simple, as it allows an administrator to add users...in a one-step routine. It is really that easy!"  
  - First Look, SC Magazine  

  CRYPTO-Server 6.1's "Follow-Me Computing" takes user-friendly authentication to a new level

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  Moving beyond passwords
Federal Computer Week
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